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Attendance is tracked in Workday now.

Sick Leave

When employees are unable to attend work due to illness or injury, they are required to contact their direct supervisor via telephone or email as early as possible (normally prior to start time of the first day away). Salaried staff should enter their absence in Workday as soon as possible.

In certain circumstances*, the employee may be asked to provide medical documentation supporting the absence.

* As per employee/employer agreements and handbooks.


If staff would like to request vacation time, they shall submit the request in Workday and notify their direct supervisor in writing no later than one (1) week prior to the start of the vacation. The request should include the exact dates that they plan to be away and the expected return to work date.

The supervisor will review the submission and approve or deny the request in Workday and you'll be notified by email with the decision. Any changes to approved vacation must be discussed with, and agreed to, by the supervisor.

* As per employee/employer agreements and handbooks.

      1. The decision to close the School of Population and Public Health due to snow conditions will be made by the co-directors, or in their absence, the acting director.
      2. This decision will be communicated to the Senior Administrator or designate who will ensure that the message is posted on the School’s web site and Twitter feed.
      3. A message will only be posted if the School is closed. Please note: Classes may be cancelled and announced by the public broadcast, however the University and School may be open.


      1. In the event the School is closed, staff who were scheduled to work must be paid their regular wages for the day.
      2. In the event the School is open, staff may choose to stay home if they have concerns regarding their safety travelling to and from their workplace and/or child care responsibilities. In such a case staff should communicate their decision to their supervisor.  Staff who choose to stay home when the School is open and who communicate their decision in accordance with the School's plan, may use banked time or vacation time for the day, make arrangements to make up the time, or take a day of unpaid leave.
      3. In the event the School is open, staff who come to work will receive their regular salary for the day.
      4. In the event a decision is made by the co-director or designate to close the School early due to snowy conditions, staff will be allowed to go home early and would not be required to make up the time or use vacation time, etc.

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