Division resources

The four Divisions of the School have tailored the following student resources to their research areas.

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*Musqueam sʔi:ɬqəy ̓ qeqən, Brent Sparrow Jr., Musqueam First Nation
This post gives the story of the origin of the Musqueam First Nation name: there was once a lake called xʷməm̓qʷe:m (Camosun Bog), where the sʔi:ɬqəy̓ (double-headed serpent) came from. Everything the serpent passed over died and from its droppings a new plant grew, the məθkʷəy̓. The people of long ago thus named that area xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam – place of the məθkʷəy̓). The post represents Musqueam ancestors and the Nation’s connection with them and the land, through their teachings. Click here to read more.